24 October 2014

Friday is the (Inspirational) Movie Night: Tangled (2010)


Yes, I admit a weakness for well done mainstream stuff for children. 'Cause they are the future, you know! If they get decent stuff to watch, maybe we won't be doomed as species. At least not that soon... Anyways, Disney's most recent version of the Rapunzel story - Tangled (2010) - could be considered their test of waters for a (somewhat) new kind of princess (this is before Frozen (2013), keep in mind, and before Brave (2012)).

While far from Disney's most interesting takes on (quite) feminist princesses - think Mulan or Merida - there's a lot to take out from this Rapunzel.

Lesson 1: A sign of personal maturity is to be able to overcome the limits your guardians have set if you feel that something from beyond those is calling you. Obedience is not by default the best choice. Your safe home may turn out to be a secluded tower with no exit. And you may have to jump to get out of it.

Lesson 2: Be ready to use force and cunning when in danger. Obvious, but not very princessy. Real world stuff.

Lesson3: Authenticity is better quest for perfection. Following what just feels right might give you a (messy) prince and a kingdom queendom. Or just make you happy.


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