21 November 2010

06 November 2010

Dorota W ♥ Being a Girl

"I like being a girl because I can dress nicely and put on some make-up. What's more, I can change my look whenever I want - according to my mood. I like to look nice. What I detest is that some guys (especially those you can meet at the disco) think they can treat girls like an object only because they’re good looking. Just imagine me/you/any girl spanking some nice fellow as he passes... Ups, sorry man that was an accident [puppy eyes]. You want to buy me a drink? No way!

To be honest, I like when a guy takes my jacket or opens the door before me. And I don’t mind being accompanied by some decent man on my way home. Of course it doesn't mean I couldn't make it on my own. But for me it's just about showing respect as well as being polite, simply. And you know what, I absolutely adore receiving flowers! I accept my sensibility, the right to show my emotions without being judged. But sometimes people think girls use emotions to reach theirs goals. In my case it's just not true. I’m full of emotions. I’m proud of it, because I can take each moment of my life as an unique one.

In my country, especially in little villages, women are still expected to have a husband, children, to be a perfect housewife... and nothing more. Some people just don't see that every girl (just like every boy) has ambitions or skills they want to develop. And although things are getting better nowadays, some of my girlfriends are still asked about their family plans during job interviews. That’s why being ‘a city-girl’ is a kind of relief for me!

I was brought up in the community where talking about sexual life and sexuality wasn’t something usual. Still, this is very important part of every girl’s life. In my opinion everyone should decide for oneself about this aspect of life according to some personal system of values.
One of the most beautiful things about being a girl is for me the ability or rather the privilege to give a birth to a child. I’d love to show the world a new human being, to raise him or her up. That’s why I think it’s so important that this moment will come when I’m really ready for it.

Being an independent woman is what I appreciate very much. That gives me the possibility to build my future with someone who will rather be a real partner not a guardian or a protector. Of course I like to be hugged or caressed; sometimes I even wish to feel like a little girl in stronger arms, to hear that I’m nice or pretty, just to be accepted. Some girls are under much pressure, “you have to be strong, independent”! However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a guy. We’re different and it’s beautiful, it doesn’t make any of the sides better or worse.

In my opinion, the need of being loved and understood doesn’t exclude being independent. There are lots of girls very well known who inspire me. My biggest inspiration is my mom. She’s strong, independent and pretty. She gave me something very special: self- confidence. She rebelled when someone wanted to decided about her life.

I never wanted to be a boy. I didn’t even think about it. Maybe because I had luck to develop in the way I wanted. I’ve never been discriminated because of my sex/gender. All in all, I’m proud to be a woman!"
Dorota W