About Us

How do you experience your gender? How come you somehow like it even when being very aware that you are suffering a continuous structural disadvantage?

I ♥ Being a Girl started in a youth meeting in 2010. YSAFE, the network of young volunteers for IPPF member associations in Europe, were tossing around ideas about social media, gender and how to explore them. With help of Girls Decide initiative and several years later, here you have the first short movie, here the second one and here the e-book Inspirations with testimonies from girls around the world. 

We have brought this project to two International AIDS Conferences (in Vienna in 2010 and Washington D.C. in 2012), Women Deliver Conference in 2013, organized local Tea Parties, watched a lot of inspirational movies, and won a World Society Youth Award in 2012.

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About the ideas behind this project: Girls, love yourselves and win the role-play game called life (2010) by Maya & Un gran proyecto: I ♥ Being a Girl (2010, pdf, in Spanish) by Luize

About the World Society Youth Award: project description