16 December 2010

♥ Mothers (Maya)

"Every young person aspires to break away and find hers or his own place in the world. However, we always feel connected to that magical place called home. It is not a building, nor a city, nor a country...it is the place where you are accepted the way you are, where you feel that special type of warmth, embracing and protecting you.

And though home can be defined by many descriptions, mothers are irreplaceable and crucial part of it. It is no wonder that they are called the fireplace of the house. Though often connected to gender roles and stereotypes, this term actually holds so much more to it. And I am really proud to call my mom the fire in our house. And no, she is not a housewife. She is well educated, working woman, who managed to take good care for her two daughters and her husband for more than 20 years. Though I admire her for all her strength and her achievements, what makes my mom so special is the unconditional love and support she has given me throughout all my life.

And is no wonder that while packing my suitcase this autumn, preparing to go so study abroad, miles away from home, the item that was at the top of my list was a cardigan. And it is a very special cardigan. Have you guessed? It is my mom’s old cardigan. For all I know it could be as old as me. I remember her wearing it when I was a little girl. I can still picture her in it, the perfume she wore, the soft touch while cuddling in her. It reminds me of home, all the moments I spent with my mom and all the lessons she taught me. Once gifted to me, I still wear it and it serves me well. It keeps me physically and emotionally warm. Mom, thank you for all the love and affection."

09 December 2010

08 December 2010

♥ Mothers (Luīze)

"The day after my 20th birthday I realized that, although I was over 18, semi-independent and living in a foreign country, my mum is still the person I turn to when something goes wrong. And the one I call to express my joy about a new pan I've got.

I have no doubt about her role in letting me become what I am now. She's brilliant and I do feel really lucky for having this extremely open, honest and supporting relationship with her.

Her example has shown me many things I believe to be true about what being a
woman human should be about: doing with your life what you feel like doing, being serious about your education and your job, taking the responsibility, knowing that it's not really about physical appearances and that the real strength comes from inside."

06 December 2010

♥ Mothers (Tove)

"It's interesting how you, without really noticing it, become just as your mum. It's slowly coming to you the older you get and I guess you can't avoid it. Once, I stood and waited for a train and it struck me that I was standing just as my mom often stands. Another time, when I was talking, it struck me that I used the same expressions as she does. When I have friends for dinner, I almost force them to eat a lot and take more food, just as my mom does. Though, I don't know if I really mind, it's quite amusing when I think of it. I guess that I also got a lot more from her that I don't notice so specific, e.g. her kindness, her consideration and her strength."

Amanda ♥ Being a Girl

Amanda tells us what is that she ♥ about being a girl.

04 December 2010

Dorota T ♥ Being a Girl

"I love being a girl, because it means being myself.

Generally, I do not perceive people as "men and women", instead trying to see individuals. That is why it saddens me to talk to girls who do not feel comfortable or are bullied just because they are not "girly". They prefer baggy clothes and short hair, and playing football. They feel like girls inside, and accept their sex, but they are not accepted by others.

Want to know what I tell them? I'll share my secret with you.

What is truly admirable, is the courage to stay true to yourself. To maintain your individuality. "Being a girl" is not about "looking girly". People - both women and men! - are different, of every possible kind. You all have the full right to be who you feel you want to be - it is your life, not anyone else's. If people only followed those around them, would we have Maria Skłodowska-Curie, who was a brilliant scientist when it was extremely difficult for women to get university education? Would we have Agatha Christie, who wrote mystery books instead of romances and "slice of life" novels? Many women broke the stereotypes of their eras, staying true to themselves - and that is what we all should admire.

"Being a girl" is to be proud of who you are and not be afraid to admit it, whether you wear dresses and make-up or baggy trousers and shirts. It is to have strength to do the things you love doing, and to be beautiful and special in your own, unique way. Always have this pride, and remember - the only person who can limit you in any way is yourself. If you are brave enough to admit who you are in your mind, it means that you are also brave and strong enough to fight for it. Always strive for self-development and improvement. However, never let the world forcibly change you. Instead, you change the world and prove them all wrong!"
Dorota T

+ as a soundtrack suggestion: True Colors by Cyndi Lauper