24 June 2011

If I should have a daughter ... (Smaranda)

"I found this video absolutely inspirational, if for no other reason, than the passionate honesty it portrays. In essence, it's all about having the power and courage of transforming something you are passionate about, into something that can help others, while staying true to yourself."

Sarah Kay has been writing and performing spoken word poetry since she was 14. Now 23, Sarah is a successful spoken word poet and co-directs Project V.O.I.C.E. (Vocal Outreach Into Creative Expression) which encourages people, particularly young people, to use spoken word as a tool for understanding the world and self, and a medium for vital expression. It encourages them to engage and explore the world around them to better understand their culture, their society, and ultimately themselves.

05 June 2011

Inspirational movies: Orlando (1992)

Orlando (1992, Sally Potter) is based on a novel by Virginia Woolf.

A tale about a young nobleman who doesn't grow old and who, after a long sleep, wakes up to find out that he has metamorphosed into a woman...

A tale on how gender might and might not be important... and how it's importance has changed since XVI century.

(Mind that Orlando throughout the movie and despite the sex change is played by Tilda Swinton and Queen Elizabeth I - by Quentin Crisp...)