30 July 2010

Behind the scenes VIII

That's how a normal food-break looked like at AIDS 2010, at least that wasn't a cheese sandwich...

27 July 2010


Some souvenirs we brought home from AIDS 2010:
a pin given by our wonderful Y-Peer friends,
an IPPF pin reminding that it's time to stop the criminalization of HIV,
a Women's Right = Human Rights pin
and few I ♥ Being a Girl pins that we've managed to hide for ourselves and not to give away to all those people who were demanding them...

Oh, popularity is so tough, we should've taken more of those with us!

19 July 2010

Behind the scenes III

Not only our fabulous t-shirts are making a trend in the International AIDS Conference 2010, we have also pins to be attached and proudly worn... EVERYWHERE!