20 March 2012

The International Women's Day- All about the girls

 Here are the responses we got from all the lovely girls we met on the 8th of March. We asked:
If there was a SUPERWOMAN her superpower would be:

Lilly: Love!
Brankica: Always to bring smile on people's faces! 

 From left to right:
Ishita: Super-speed and fast reflexes. 
Pavan: To freeze time. 
Izeefa: To fly 
Faridah: Invisibility.

Greta: The supersonic ability to change people's minds and opinions.
Maria: The ability to make things RIGHT!

Shariema: Invisibility.
Adriana: To bring peace.

Dusica: To spread love around the world!
Maya: To bring change!

10 March 2012

International Women's Day Campaign: the boys perspective

On the International Women's Day we tried to involve both girls and boys in our campaign. We asked boys: "If you were a girl for one day, you would......?"

Here are some of the answers we got

Aleksandar : I would encourage boys to talk to girls more about girls/women rights!

Saken: I would use girls' charm and potentiall to bring change.

Martin: ...I would talk to as many girls I can, because I'd really want to know what are their conversation topics!
Sami: I would talk to guys and see how they treat me.

Mohammed: I would pamper myself, go shopping or to visit beauty saloons.

09 March 2012

International Women's Day Campaign

                              If there was a SUPERWOMAN, her superpower would be:

Ivet:(left):  "having strong intuition and making he right choices."
Katerina:(right): "the power of compassion and the abiIlity to bring people together."