03 September 2015

I ♥ Being a Girl people, Julita


I am Julita and I am from Lithuania. 
At this moment I am medical student, but my story started in the school when l realised that I really care about peoples. That’s the reason why l decided to join Medical student association of Lithuania, where I was participating in some projects such as ‘Prevention of breast cancer’, ‘Prevention of testicles cancer’, educational programme about healthy diet for pupils, free testing for HIV on AIDS day. Than I realised that there are lots of things that needs to be improved or changed on sexual health because of stereotypes and stigmas, especially for youth. And that’s how I found Family planning and sexual health association of Lithuania year ago. It is said, that life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. And l really enjoying that myself, who I am during activities in this association. Here I understood what SRHR really means for the first time, what it is to advocate and to fight for the better place to live. After getting lots of new and useful information, some local projects, I started to led a lessons of sexual education in the schools. And these lessons (or the time with youth, their private questions and lots of good words and thanksgiving after lessons, request to come back here with more information) really turned me on and I wanted to do even more. I became ASTRA Youth member; on July I were attending advocacy and communication training of YSAFE, after which I decided to join it and of course to become a part of wonderful I <3 being a girl working group. I hope, that before I am 80 years old lady, I won’t become that person who is angry at all the world, at all systems, but still doing it in silent near the TV and doing nothing to change it. I hope, that the world after me will be a better place to live, without any discrimination, any violence. 

Despite these activities, l also enjoying my free time : I am crazy about coffee times (when I can have a peaceful time with my minds or my wonderful friends to get ready for activities of day), time in nature ( because I can forget about stress and have some relax and thoughts that we are here just for a little time so there are no reason to have a war, violence or discrimination), reading books (to create my personality!) and of course, I <3 being a girl

I really believe that everyone is a kind person in a heart. And there are some things, that really can help you to get inspired to believe, that you are the best. You must:
1. See the movie ‘My name is Khan’.
 If you already saw it, you should look at the sky in the dark night and catch the falling star to make a wish ‘No discrimination’.
2. Read Victor Hugo ‘Notre-Dame de Paris’. If you think that you should change it to better end, please, just do it! Just use your imagination, always read your kindness minds!
3. Listen to the song ‘Christophe Willem - Someone New’.
After preparing yourself for good emotions, everyone should listen for whisper to their ear ‘I love you’.
4. If still you didn’t get inspired and you are sad about injustice, please, just TRY to by some new shoes!
At the end, l want to remember for everyone, that everything, what you think of yourself is much more important than what people think of you. Just don’t be afraid to be more crazier than everyone else, take a risk and do it ! <3

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