16 December 2010

♥ Mothers (Maya)

"Every young person aspires to break away and find hers or his own place in the world. However, we always feel connected to that magical place called home. It is not a building, nor a city, nor a country...it is the place where you are accepted the way you are, where you feel that special type of warmth, embracing and protecting you.

And though home can be defined by many descriptions, mothers are irreplaceable and crucial part of it. It is no wonder that they are called the fireplace of the house. Though often connected to gender roles and stereotypes, this term actually holds so much more to it. And I am really proud to call my mom the fire in our house. And no, she is not a housewife. She is well educated, working woman, who managed to take good care for her two daughters and her husband for more than 20 years. Though I admire her for all her strength and her achievements, what makes my mom so special is the unconditional love and support she has given me throughout all my life.

And is no wonder that while packing my suitcase this autumn, preparing to go so study abroad, miles away from home, the item that was at the top of my list was a cardigan. And it is a very special cardigan. Have you guessed? It is my mom’s old cardigan. For all I know it could be as old as me. I remember her wearing it when I was a little girl. I can still picture her in it, the perfume she wore, the soft touch while cuddling in her. It reminds me of home, all the moments I spent with my mom and all the lessons she taught me. Once gifted to me, I still wear it and it serves me well. It keeps me physically and emotionally warm. Mom, thank you for all the love and affection."

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