17 October 2014

Friday is the (Inspirational) Movie Night: Victim (1961)


Retaking the theme of sexual diversity in restrictive cultures (well, at least more restrictive than others), here you have a historical gem: Victim (1961, Basil Dearden). While it's about men surrounded by men and women are just part of the context that refuses to accept and embrace (see Eyes Wide Shut (2009) for a contemporary twin and A Single Man (2009) for a depiction of the same era done recently), it still adds powerfully of the narrative of consequences of criminalization of consensual sexual behaviour among adults.

The movie as such - while depicting the horrors to what anti-sodomy laws may lead - is very progressive in the generalized message and surprises with that. It was 1961, think of that.

Also, the central marriage shown illustrates the importance of communication in the couple and mutual effort to understand each other. Obvious stuff, but still very important and not as widely practiced as needed.

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