05 August 2015

How to have a beach body?

Another heatwave is coming to Central Europe and many people survive those hot days by going to the beach, swimming-pool or lake. And every year, starting from the first spring day until the last warm day of the year, girls and women (also boys and men) ask themselves: “How to have a beach body?” or “How to get a beach body in just a few days/weeks?”. There is this pressure by media and society to show the perfect body at the beach. In every TV show, in social medias or in magazines you can learn what to do, what to eat and what to buy (especially those expensive training programs who promote themselves with “perfect” looking bodies). People talk and judge about celebrities and their bodies (“Oh she gained weight”, “Oh she looks too skinny”...) and many girls are influenced by such gossip.

But it can be easy to have a beach body. There are just two simple rules:
           1. Have a body
           2. Go to the beach

So girls, in the middle of summer, enjoy yourselves and enjoy your life. You don’t go to the beach to show your body and to expect other people to talk about it. You go there to relax, have fun and cool off. The most important thing is: feel comfortable :)

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