05 March 2015

India's Daughter

The most discussed documentary of the year "India's Daughter" is out now. The story is based on Delhi's brutal gang-rape victim Jyoti Singh, her attackers, their families as well as the court and Indian culture. Ironic is that currently this documentary is available in most of the countries while it is banned in India.

Jyoti Singh was a medical student who was coming from a low income family. Although traditionally raised, she and her parents were modern thinking, While other family members were criticizing Jyoti's parents for celebrating her birth in a way a boy should be celebrated and selling their properties for a girls education, they did not stop and eventually raised a person who believed who believed in herself. Jyoti's dream was to build medical facility in her village and to be a doctor. Even though she was not able to reach her goal, her tragic death created wave of actions: protests, movements and debates in government.
Still, there are many people for who it's hard to accept the fact that this world needs a change and the fall of patriarchy. That's why still many people blame Jyoti for her death by stating that she was not supposed to be outside when it's dark, that she was not supposed to fight back if she wanted to stay alive, that it was her punishment for not being a decent girl. Others say that now it's going to be even worse, so far girls were raped and let go because they wouldn't dare to say anything. "Now they will raped and killed", says assaulter.
Murderer defending lawyer ML Sharma stated that "our culture is the best culture and there is no place for a women." while his colleague AP Singh in front of national television said that "If my daughter or sister engaged in pre-marital activities and disgraced herself to lose face and character by doing such things, I would most certainly take this sort of sister or daughter to my farmhouse, and in front of my entire family, I would put petrol on her and set her alight." 

To get to know more about the story from different point of views, IHBG team highly recommends to watch the full documentary

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