23 October 2014

Linda from the Fitness World

Hi, My name is Linda, I am 21 years-old and I love sweets...some people say that smile looks good on me!

I am a studying in Latvian Academy for Sport and Education as fitness trainer/pedagogue of physical education. Why this choice? Simply, since I started to walk sport was my passion! I've tried out different kind of sports like badminton, volleyball, football but currently my heart belongs to the gym. On 11th of November in Latvia we are celebrating important national day but this will be double celebration for me because exactly one year ago good friend of mine took me to the first training in the gym for a weight lifting.
This year have been life changing for my body and mind.  I am only halfway to my target but it feels fantastic already. I am absolutely grateful for everyone who was with me during this year because they are also the reason why I am who I have become. Support is the best motivation!

In our society and culture I've faced so many stereotypes and negativity for women who lift weights and are keen on to train their muscles. Many people have said to me that my lifestyle will make my feminine side to disappear and I will become more of a male than female. Also, there are thousands of prejudices about the diet I am following because of my physical workout intensity.
At the beginning it really pushed on my feelings and made me angry but actually I've understood that I shouldn't bother myself with negative emotions, I also have things what I like and understand and what I don't, just like the other people has.
I just enjoy doing what I like. Some people might like to do jogging, some people like painting but I love weightlifting. And weight lifting isn't just taking the heaviest barbell and pushing it up and down till I feel broken, it is mixture of knowledge about human body, what is good for it and what damages it. We are the masters of our own body and we make a choice how we want to see it. I've made my choice that makes me happy on daily basis, why should I exchange my happiness for some stereotypes?

Balanced diet is one of the main keys for healthy muscle development. Most of the people doesn't have any clue of this part and it creates a lot of myths. I suggest people to read more literature about this - what is allowed and what is not, about the protein cocktails and mixtures, why balanced diet is so importand and why eating plain grass and drinking only water won't work on anyone. In fitness diet doesn't mean starving yourself or taking food away, it's about making the best choice for your own good.
You know, fitness haven't changed only my body. During this year I have become another person. I am not anymore up in clouds, I am standing on ground with my both feet. I know what I want and how to reach my goals with a lot of work.

I have all my respect for people who are doing any sport. For me it doesn't matter if you are underweight or overweight, you have any disabilities or difficulties. Sport is for everyone and every single human being needs physical activities to be healthy in body and mind. I respect every single person who respects their body because our body is our temple and we have to take care of it.
For everyone who wishes to put themselves into the fitness (or any other type of sport), I wish dedications and to not give up! There will be difficulties and ups/downs, just like in any other niche of life. Usually the first difficulties are the strongest ones but you have to learn to deal with them! Later on it will become more easy. The only obstacle is you. Work, time, sweat and tears are worth it. After the first goals that you will reach you will get the addiction from the taste of success! And don't be afraid to fall and make mistakes, get up and work for your goal! If we stop because of fear to fall, we won't grow anymore.

I have not reached my goal but yet I am closer than I was yesterday!

Thank your time to read this!

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