04 January 2013

Friday is the (Inspirational) Movie Night: Hard Candy (2005)


The party time is over. Here we are with some serious stuff.

Hard Candy (2005, David Slade) will make you debate and doubt. And it will shock you. For real. And surprise you with the outstanding work of then very young Ellen Page. It's a mind twister. It will make you question things. Which is good for you. Always.

Feature's tagline being "Strangers shouldn't talk to little girls", it is faithful to it. Doubting our notions of vulnerability, guilt, perversity, innocence, cyber safety and so on... it is triggering and you may never trust a 14-year old again in your life.
Well, you shouldn't have treated them as children beforehand...

(Disclaimer: We by no means suggest you take criminal justice in your own hands (after watching this one), it may end up being risk seeking behavior.)

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