28 October 2010

Girls & Books (Katarína)

"Since my ultimate favorite childhood book Pippi Longstocking is already taken (♥), I will go with this one..

I discovered Promiscuities by Naomi Wolf in my university gender and psychology class. Despite the fact that the book received a lot of negative comments, I liked it a lot, especially the way Naomi puts in the light coming-of-age of young women. All the stories describing what is going on in heads of young girls, how they cope with all the overwhelming and contradictory messages about sexuality, how they discover their bodies, emotions and sexual feelings, fall in love, struggle with the virgin/slut dichotomy, decide when and how they will lose their virginity and many more, combined with cross-cultural views on different theories, made me think about the way girls are depicted and perceived in the society and what do they have to overcome to become strong, empowered, confident women."

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