19 October 2010

Empowerment recipes (Katarína)

"What empowers me as a girl:

My independence. My skills. That I can do both „female“ and „male“ work. The ability to take care of myself. And the ability to help my close ones.

My beloved ones. The way they support me. The way they make me feel special. How they lift me up when I´m down. Just having them in my life.

My education. And intelligence. How it makes me curious. That need to look deeper, search for answers. Ability to speak about things that matter.

My body. The way it´s shaped. How it´s unique. Its little imperfections. Softness of the skin. Its abilities. And yes, the multiple orgasms."



Anonymous said...

I love being a girl. Being female, being weak and fragile on the outside, yet full of potential and yet unrealized power inside. Being strong via my weaknesses. Being able to empower the men I love. I can choose what I want to do - intelectually, sexually, professionally, sensually, socially, emotionally - yet I choose not the obvious popular option, but the one which opens gates inside to yet another level of subtle feminine power. I love being a girl - woman - mother...

Iza said...

Thank you for the wonderful comment, dear Lina, do you mind if I copy it and post as a blog entry?