22 August 2010

I ♥ Being a Girl, because... II

We had a long-long conversation with girls volunteering at the Latvian Association for Family Planning & Sexual Health and they ♥ being girls, because being a girl to them means being able to:
  • trust your intuition
  • have a spice-sense
  • have unlimited fantasy
  • come up with wacky jokes
  • enjoy lacy things
  • be interested in all kinds of feminine stuff
  • have that amazing shape of the body
  • be beautiful
  • use make-up
  • enjoy female solidarity
  • smile while walking down the street
  • wear sparkly crowns (Ms. Universe gets a crown while Mr. Universe does not)
  • be a muse
  • inspire
  • be boyish
  • let others carry your heavy stuff
  • tease
  • be forgiven more
  • let to walk you home
  • show your vulnerability
  • be taken care of
"all those cool words that are feminine
in Latvian
by their grammatical gender,
like inspiration, idea, thought, wisdom, state…"

The beautiful word cloud created with Wordle.

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