01 December 2012

Condoms, condoms, CONDOMS!

This is a public service announcement:  Following the educational example of The Golden GirlsI ♥ Being a Girl reminds you that using condoms is the socially and ethically responsible thing to do. So is talking about them, promoting their use and challenging the weird people who would not mention (and/or use) them while having no idea about their sero-status!

+ Going on a condom buying mission is a good way to star your SRHR/feminist activism. Figure out how good are the salespeople in your neighborhood. 
If you find a especially nasty place that make people uncomfortable, go again and again (with your friends to make it a rave-like party) until they do sth about it. Make inquiries about the types of lube they have. Write angry notes in their "Customer suggestions" book. 
Make the access to supplies your little rebellious mission!

1 comment:

majo rivas said...

I actually do that! I ask them for condoms, make them display all (and I mean ALL) the condoms they have, and the lubes, and tell them which one I prefer and talk them out of their shame/shaming-me... I totally recommend it!