07 October 2014

I ♥ Being a Girl people, Marie

Hello lovely people,

My name is Marie Matyas and being a girl :) 

Things I enjoy doing (besides working in the field of SRHR):
  • sing and dance
  • work with my musical-theater youth group
  • travel
I am a psychology student from Austria and I started to work in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), because I would like to change a lot of things. Especially I am passionate about the issues comprehensive sexual education (CSE), gender equality, women's and LGBTQI's rights.

About three years ago I joined the organisation achtung°liebe (in english: “attention love”). It is a non-profit, volunteering project from the Austrian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA). Students do workshops in high schools and talk about issues concerning sexuality, relationships and love with the teenagers. Nowadays young people are confronted with sexuality at every turn and they often get contradictory or wrong information, especially from the internet. For me it is important to give them the opportunity to ask questions, without feeling ashamed, without prejudices and without avoiding topics, so that they can make responsible decisions. I really enjoy the work with young people.
One year ago I became youth board member of the Austrian Familyplanning Association. In February 2014 I got elected as Steering Committee member of YSAFE.

The world would be a better place if we would:
  • have a positive mind without discriminating and negative thoughts 
  • have more appreciation 
  • laugh more
  • help each other more

Before I’m 80 I want to have children, write a song, be very good in my job, do my best to make the people around me happy, do my PhD, travel a lot, establish CSE in austrian schools, never stop learning new things, get to know many different cultures, sing and dance a lot, climb a really high mountain and of course plant a tree :) 

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